Vicki Ann Robinson ~ Moving Forward
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About Vicki
' I have two hats on when I'm working with individuals. The first hat is a Sherlock Holmes one; the Feldenkrais Method inspires curiosity and an openness to see what unfolds between the client and practitioner, and we unravel the mystery together.

The other hat is of a tour guide. As I teach groups, I get to take people on one of the most exotic explorations possible; their own selves.'

I discovered the Feldenkrais Method fifteen years ago..I had a chronic limp that was resolved within a few sessions. I was a massage therapist that wanted more tools to impart to clients so they could make improvements themselves...for several years I searched for something that was the right fit. In 1998, I began a four-year Feldenkrais training and was thrilled that this was such incredible work. I was improving in tango, roller-blading, running, and in the process free of pain - all defying what we consider the normal 'wear and tear' of ageing and injury. Awareness leads to improved movement, and as we move well we can have the fullest life that we want.

I've added another tool to my tool-box. Somatic Experiencing is a body-oriented approach to trauma. It's based on the realization that human beings have an innate ability to overcome the effects of trauma, and they can return to a greater sense of aliveness, relaxation and wholeness. Somatic Experiencing is an amazing compliment to the Feldenkrais Method.







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