Vicki Ann Robinson ~ Feldenkrais® Teacher
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  The Feldenkrais Method is done in two formats, each enhancing the other.
The Feldenkrais Method 

Awareness Through Movement
®  classes
The teacher verbally leads students through a series of comfortable, easy movements that gradually evolve in
range and complexity. Lessons take place sitting, lying on the floor, kneeling, or standing. These precisely structured movement explorations utilize thinking, sensing, moving and imagining as tools for improving all aspects of human functioning.

Functional Integration
These lessons may include verbal instructions as in the Awareness Through Movement lessons, but also direct the student's attention through gentle touch. Each lesson is custom-tailored to the needs and curiosity of the student at that moment in time. Through this engaging process, students discover new ways of approaching the simple activities of daily life and awaken access to their full potential for vital, embodied living.



I often think, while I am biking, about how my efforts getting up a hill are so much more efficient, and feel so much easier, as a result of Feldenkrais

~John Birnel


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